That Makes 2 Of Us

Episode 5 - Mastering Collaboration with Gretchen Anderson

July 01, 2021 Vanessa & Jan
That Makes 2 Of Us
Episode 5 - Mastering Collaboration with Gretchen Anderson
Show Notes

Hi and welcome to That Makes 2 Of Us. 

In this fifth episode, we will discuss a topic that is crucial to solving challenges and achieving the best possible outcome in our lives: Collaboration. What is good collaboration, how does it help us make a positive impact and what are tools to foster collaboration?

To answer all of these questions, we invited Gretchen Anderson, author of “Mastering Collaboration”, who will give us some insights and tools to best tackle collaboration challenges.

Gretchen explains that at the heart of good collaboration are people with diverse perspectives who come together collectively to solve complex situations or challenges.

She emphasizes the importance of engagement of people involved to achieve the best possible outcome. Therefore, Gretchen shares some specific tools to foster collaboration in your professional and personal life.

And remember, it doesn't matter who or where you are, you are not alone because that already makes two of us.

Guest Bio

We invited Gretchen Anderson, who consults teams on collaborating productively, developing product strategy and identifying new product and service opportunities. She also wrote the book “Mastering Collaboration” which is about making working together more productive. Furthermore, Gretchen was head of design at PG& E and worked at the renowned design company Frog Design.

Publications by the Author

“Mastering Collaboration”, Gretchen Anderson

“Pair Design”, Gretchen Anderson & Chris Nissen

Books mentioned by the Author
“Speed of Trust” by Stephen Covey

“The Culture Map” by Erin Meyer


What is collaboration?

Why is collaboration so important, especially in our professional lives? 

Are there different roles within the team when collaborating?

How has importance of collaboration changed now compared to ten years ago? 

What is the role of planning and conflict when collaborating?

What role does trust play?

What are specific steps we can take to build trust, amongst family, friends or co-workers?

How can we initiate collaboration when it is not part of the organizational principles? 

How do I convince people of a collaborative way of working together?

What are specific skills we can improve to become a better collaborator and how?

How can we deal with different personalities when collaborating? 

Key Takeaway

Collaboration really is a mindset. We believe it is important that all of us are advocates to foster a collaborative mindset amongst teams that we are currently working in, but also in our personal life. Together, we can always get further, can create something magical and innovative. Therefore, try to integrate the collaborative mindset as a main principle in everything that you do.


Gretchen Anderson

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